to FabLearn EU/MakeEd 2021 in Switzerland!

We are excited to host the 2021 edition of this international conference on Computing, Design and Making in Education which will be held virtually on June 2nd and 3rd due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We, that is the Institute of ICT & Media of the St.Gallen University of Teacher Education, located on the campus in Rorschach, Switzerland at the beautiful lake Constance on the border triangle of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Although, originally planned as a physical conference, we are aiming to make the virtual conference as engaging and interesting as possible! We see the virtual setup as an opportunity to explore new ways of interactions. Besides the scientific conference tracks, such as keynotes, paper sessions, workshops, and demos we emphasize the social interactions among the research community. For that, we planned enough social time within the conference schedule for informal discussions and spontaneous meetings. For that, we created a virtual copy of our campus where you (as an avatar) are able to freely roam around, mingle with conference participants, join discussions, held private conversations, or just be left alone and observe. If you’re not so fond of gamification and being represented as an avatar, you can also just follow the main sessions on Zoom.

Conference highlights

Here is what to expect from FabLearn EU/MakeEd 2021!

  • Full paper sessions
  • Posters (Work-in-progress papers)
  • Demos
  • Workshops
  • Keynote speakers
  • Social time on virtual campus
  • Social event

Social event

The pandemic does not deprive us of a social event! Grab a drink and enjoy our special featured show of the Maydays, one of the world’s most prominent improv comedy troupes being broadcasted live from the UK. During this fully improvised show the Maydays will pick up your suggestions and use some of our conference topics for an improvised keynote speech. Laughter guaranteed to end the first conference day!